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Projects & Designs

Guided Art App

This app is for people to locate and take guided tours of art galleries. The user are those who love art and enjoy supporting their local community. The idea is that users can take a tour based on what they want the tour to be or include within the gallery. 

Neurwork Website

The idea behind this app was to create a entrepreneur networking site for people starting or who currently have a business. I wanted users to be able to find all the resources they need in one place, while also being able to connect and collaborate with others. 

Neurwork Website

New Pearants App & Web

For this project we needed to create an app for social good. Based on the prompts provided, I decided to create an app that would teach adults about becoming a parent. I wanted to make sure the app was user friendly and easy to navigate. The idea was to have all the information that potential and new parents needed right at their fingertips.

New Pearants App

Graphic Design

Working on these graphic design projects has given me the experience and knowledge to keep pushing forward with design. Some pieces I wanted to keep simple, and others I want to be bold. While applying technical skils to design, it should also be fun and push the boundaries of what

could be.

Wedding Invitations
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