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Guided Art App

Project Overview

The idea was to create an app that added benefit to the guided tours at museums and galleries that may (or may not) be available. The app is also meant to help the local museum/gallery community by bringing an exciting and fun way to interact with the local art. The idea was to make the experience an adventure. 

My Contributions

There were similar apps on the market but nothing quite like this. My role in this process was UX/UI Designer and Researcher. I created all the wireframes and prototypes for this app. 

Guiding your Adventure one artist at a time. Two mobile phones with the Guided Art app on both screens.

Case Study


This app is for people to locate and take guided tours of art galleries. The user are those who love art and enjoy supporting their local community.


One of the problems is that users felt like they had no control in guided tours, and they have a tendency to be boring. Users also wanted a way to take a guided tour in a more sanitary way by being able to use their own device.


The duration of this project took approximately 4 months. 


The goals of this project is to create a product that allows people to take a guided tour the way they want based on what is important to them. I also wanted the app to help support the local community. 

User Research: Pain Points

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