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New Pearants App

Project Overview

For this project I created an app that would benefit the common good. Parenting can be fun, difficult, exciting, and scary. Sometimes people don't know where to turn when starting their journey or if they're already on it. New Pearants is app that will provide all the resources that potential and new parents would need.

My Contributions

My role in this process was UX/UI Designer and Researcher. I created all the wireframes and prototypes for this app. 

Laptop and mobile phone with New Pearants website and app.
App Mockup

Case Study


New Pearants is an app for adults wanting to become parents and those beginning their journey as new parents.


This project took approximately 2 weeks to complete.


Ideally adults in the family planning and parenting community want access to information quickly while on the go. They don’t want to have to make phone calls or make appointments to get answers to their questions. It proved to be an inconvenience and took more time out their already busy schedules.


The goal of the this project was to create an app where adults planning or who already have children can get instant access to answers from professionals, while also being able to access a community or peers going through the same stages in life.

User Research: Pain Points

Timely Answers


Finding Support

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