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Neurwork Website

Project Overview

This website was designed to merge entrepreneurship and networking. I wanted to give users a space to connect on projects and find all the business and 

entreprenuerial resources they need. If you have a project you can find a team. You can also collaborate on ideas and build new projects with Neurwork.

My Contributions

While conducting research, I saw that there were networking sites and entrepreneur site, but not one that really merged the two. My role in this process was UX/UI Designer and Researcher. I created all the wireframes and prototypes for this app. 

Monitor with Neurwork website homepage on the screen.

Case Study


I created an entrepreneur networking signup site. The idea was to create a space where entrepreneurs could connect and collaborate on projects and business ideas. Creating this website would allow for entrepreneurs to locate the resources they need in one spot.


The duration of this project was approximately 6 six weeks.


The problem was that entrepreneurs wanted a space that was similar to a social media site but strictly for entrepreneurs and business minded individuals. The users wanted a place where connecting and working together would be easy and simple.


The goal of this project was to provide numerous resources for individuals looking to start a business or move forward on their entrepreneurial idea.

User Research: Pain Points

No to merchandise

A way to connect

More resources

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