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You found me!


Here we are. You're looking at me like "who is this woman"? And I'm looking at you (virtually) like, I have no idea who you are either but I'm glad you're here. You've come this far into my world, so I guess I should introduce myself and drop a few nuggets about who I am. 

I'm Paige, and it's a pleasure to meet you! My world can be a bit crazy at times but I believe the craziness is what keeps me going (and cookies). I love the opportunity to explore anything creative, and do my best to apply that new found knowledge in my work. Design has alway been a huge part of who I am. The moment I started working on my first project, I fell in love. Any time I would work on projects there after I would fall into this space where I lost track of time and loved what I was doing. 

My experience with being a UX/UI designer is new, but not immature. Behind my UX/UI knowledge I have over 10 years experience as a Graphic and Media Designer. I believe this helps in navigating this exciting new place of design. It also allows me to bring my seasoned knowledge to a space where it has the potential to be beneficial. 

Like life, going through the design process is frustrating at times, but also like life you're a better designer at the end of it. I would love the opportunity to do all things that design has to offer, but we both know that isn't possible. So my focus is to do meaningful, human-centered design. What this means to me is focusing on design that is visually pleasing but more importantly creating something that will make life better for the intended users. I am rambling on about me, and I don't know anything about you. Let's change that, shall we? Send me a message here, and we can sit down and discuss how we can create meaningful, human-centered design together. And when we're done, let's find the nearest bakery and grab a delicious cookie. We can throw in some coffee or tea too for a little razzle-dazzle. 

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Favorite design tool: Adobe Illustrator


What I love about design: I love being able to merge creativity and logic, while still coming up with something completely outside the box that still makes sense. 

Recent book read: Branding: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, and Brand Development. 

Favorite Marvel character: Deadpool 

Favorite food: It's a battle between cookies and brownies.

Favorite show: The Walking Dead (I love a good Zombie flick)

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